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SAISS thrives to see every student pass, therefore students are put in categories according to their academic performance so that those academically gifted are stretched in their thinking and those less academically gifted are given individual attention to stretch their academic performance in line with the daily activities given to them which must never be a burden

This will give them extra time on the school timetable to concentrate on their areas of weakness. They will be given the correct guidance and support. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and to take responsibility for their own learning rather than rely on their teachers and parents. Teaching staff and parents in turn are expected to create a dynamic and child friendly environment for learning and to demand much from the students.

High academic standards are obtained by implementing a universal academic curriculum and a highly technological system which allows every student the ability to achieve success.

High School Academic programme Subjects offered: Accounts, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Business studies/Entrepreneurship, English, Combined Science, I.C.T, Sport and Critical Thinking

International languages: Portuguese, French, Mandarin. Spanish (Students learn languages for communication purposes)

Department Contact Info:

Department Of Academics And Sports

P.O Box Cy652 Causeway Harare
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+26377 194 2820

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:30P.M.

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Southern Africa International School of Sport (SAISS) is the largest comprehensive Multisport International Boarding School that offers Academic, Sport alongside other Industrial Skills Development Programmes