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Sports offered: Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Cricket, Rowing, Volleyball, Archery, Track & Field,
Marathon, Soccer, Boxing, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Cycling.

Talent development: Students are nurtured in respective sporting disciplines’ up to professional level under the guidance of well trained sports teachers and coaches where the demand for results will be highly expected.

Career pathway: Career guidance is done as soon as the students enter the International School of sport. This is determined by the parents, the institution and students themselves. These students are sent for industrial familiarization and industrial attachments as they prepare their areas of business. Students’ mindset can be changed so that they are nurtured in line with family interests to boost continuity in family businesses.

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses expand across.

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SAISS Group Of Schools

Industrial Skills Programme

The school’s thrust is to produce an empowered, innovative and creative student, equipped with necessary modern business acumenship required to become a dynamic, powerful engine for economic development and employment creation. The entrepreneurship business programme is buttressed by the production wing. The purpose of the production wing is quad fold, namely:

1. To be an integral part of the learning activities of the school and students spend part of their time in the production facilities, working directly on production activities under the guidance of well qualified supervisors.

2. To generate revenue to help meet expenses of operating the production wing.

3. To provide the substantial and continuing linkages between school and the business community

4. To promote creative, innovative, problem solving and marketing skills through dynamic industrial business setup in different parts of Zimbabwe and abroad.  

Industrial Benefits

1. Students acquire the requisite knowledge needed to challenge the industrial dynamics of today including use of technology

2. Students are send for industrial attachments

3. Students establish their businesses whilst they are still at the International School of Sport

4. Students benefit and enjoy privileges obtained from the investment fund despite their colour, gender, tribe, race or disability.

5. Acquire the knowledge of forming business associations as well as protecting their business market

6. Learn ways of solving business conflicts amongst themselves and solve them amicably