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SAISS is a well choreographed education system anchored with creativity, innovation and inventions, making sure it produces high performing students in sport, practically skilled entrepreneurs or artisans to tap on to the many opportunities which cut across all sections of industry from agriculture, sport and manufacturing. The main aim is to enable most of them to work for themselves or to create companies that will employ other people to counter high unemployment rate in the whole world

SAISS is inviting parents and guardians to buy into this unique vision to create in their children a different generation of students who will aggressively solve the economic challenges of today by establishing their own businesses. Therefore parents/guardians are invited to consider first the passion of their children, lines of business, the potential in sport and SAISS’ VISION and VALUES and to indicate their understanding and willingness to enter into this new era of education.

Our Vision

Investing in potentially talented and gifted students in academics, sports, and other industrial skills development programmes through professional nurturing in order for them to have the ability and skills to exhibit and win organized national and international sport and artisanal competitions for the benefit of their countries.

Our Mission

To provide the best platform, methods, specialists with in-depth knowledge in, academics, sports, industrial skills development programmes and facilities seamlessly integrated to effectively enhance all students highest performance, intellectually, psychologically, physically and economically to benefit their countries and the world at large regardless of race, religion, creed, colour, gender or disability.

Main Thrust

The main thrust is to identify, develop and nurture talented students and provide them the platform to create businesses, participate in organized international sports competitions, business exhibitions and academic programmes, making SAISS a converging place for academia’s, industrialists and sportspersons from around the world.

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